Blue Energy Services clients


Clients and services performed (since 2001) of Blue Energy Services LLC and Ted B. Helms.

  • Alpha Coal Sales Company (ANR subsidiary)
    Expert witness
  • Bear Stearns & Company
    Collaboration on financial transaction
  • Calvary Coal Company
    Acquisition advice and structure
  • Coal Act Fairness Alliance
    Tax refund legislation with US Congress
  • Emerald International Corporation
    Expert witness and arbitration strategy
  • James River Coal Company
    Operational consulting and sales strategy
  • JRCC Unsecured Creditors Committee
    Asset selection and recovery
  • Kentucky River Properties LLC
    Lease evaluation and Lessor strategy
  • Individual Investor(s) (confidential)
    Acquisition and reserve evaluations
  • Mine Werks LLC
    Metallurgical coal sales development
  • Nally & Hamilton Enterprises, Inc.
    Business and sales strategy, reserve evaluations
  • National Coal Corporation
    Business strategy and reserve evaluation
  • Progress Fuels Corporation
    Expert witness
  • Private Equity Fund A (confidential)
    Acquisition evaluation(s) and strategy
  • Reed Shriram Minerals, Inc. (later Tiger American Minerals)
    Export procurement and acquisition evaluation
  • Southeastern US Utility (confidential)
    Procurement vendor diligence
  • Twin Pines Coal Company
    Reserve evaluation and acquisition strategy
  • Tiger American Minerals, Inc.
    Export procurement logistics and oversight
  • Trishe Resources
    Acquisition evaluation
  • U.S. Coal Company (Bale family)
    Sale of company