Blue Energy Services conference call service

Conference Call Service

Blue Energy Services provides the following "conference call" services to prospective coal industry investors or participants. We have participated in conference call services and find these to be not representative of the thoughtful approach that we value. Our preference is to provide researched and analytical answers, if possible, to accomplish of the potential objectives of any conference call (hereafter "Call Objectives").

Option A:

CALL on short notice with primary content extemporaneous. The Client will submit up its question list, call outline, or call objectives when requesting the call, and Blue Energy will provide dates and an indication on call objective satisfaction and proposed call timing. A call length of up to 2 hours at a cost of $1,300 flat fee, paid in advance via wire transfer will facilitate the call. While research may occur prior to the Call (at Blue Energy’s sole discretion), no commitment for original research is made under this Option A.

Option B:

CALL with longer notice having some analytics and/or research with more thoughtful and prepared response. Preferably, on at least 7 days advance notice, so that Blue Energy may adequately research and/or prepare for the subject matter. The Client will submit its question list, call outline, or Call Objectives when requesting the call, and Blue Energy will provide dates and an indication on call objective satisfaction. Cost of this Option B shall be $3,000 for up to 3 hours with a one 3 minute break allowed. For an Option B type call, we will commit at least hours of additional research to complement any available shelf materials. The more time allowed between scheduling and actual call date, allows for thoughtful call preparation.

Scheduling Your CALL:

Please provide the following information:

  1. Contact Ted Helms at (
  2. Select either Option A or Option B above
  3. State your preferred schedule start time (at least 2 alternates)
  4. Identify ALL persons to be on the Call with affiliations (so that we may check and disclose conflicts)
  5. Provide CALL Objectives. Typical response to a prospective Client request will be within one business day.

Terms and Conditions of this Conference Call Service:

  1. Blue Energy reserves the right to accept or reject any or all CALL requests, or the engagement of any prospective Client. We do not provide Conference CALL Service references; however, for consulting projects, references may be provided upon request.
  2. Satisfaction of "Call Objectives" is not guaranteed, in whole or part. Coal industry acquisition targets may be discussed in general; however, Blue Energy WILL NOT provide a list of acquisition targets or assets, whether solicited or unsolicited. Should the Client wish to discuss a specific asset, then it should provide as much detail as possible to Blue Energy to adequately prepare. We cannot diligence a prospective asset within the scope of a Conference CALL. One of our primary businesses is conducting due diligence then evaluating acquisition targets, and as such, this effort is outside the boundary of the Conference CALL service.
  3. Blue Energy does not provide guidance on satisfaction of CALL Objectives; in other words, the Client either schedules a call or not – we are not a quotation service and achievement of Client CALL Objectives is non-negotiable.
  4. All conference call fees shall be paid 24 hours in advance via wire transfer unless specifically authorized otherwise. Cancelled calls by the Client shall incur a fee of 50% of the standard charge. Re-scheduled CALLS by Blue Energy shall be provided a 50% discount.
  5. Any CONFLICTS will be disclosed prior to scheduling the call. Blue Energy has one long term private KY coal producing client, and generally may be on one side or the other of a public company client at any one time. However, whatever conflicts may be present will be disclosed prior to scheduling if known.
  6. Should the CALL OBJECTIVE have an unreasonable scope and/or analytical burden, Blue Energy will disclose same prior to the call and provide a cost for such analysis.
  7. Blue Energy maintains one year ahead "earning models" on some US public coal companies and may rely, at least partially, upon this generic and pre-prepared analysis and/or research.
  8. Blue Energy's ONLY commitment under this Conference Call Service is "best efforts".
  9. Additional CALL time shall be $500 per hour for each hour or fraction thereof, when the base time, as set forth hereinabove, has been exceeded.
  10. Blue Energy Conference call participants shall most likely be limited to Ted Helms.
  11. All matters discussed on the Conference Call shall be confidential to the participating parties, but may be disclosed by the CALL requestor to its affiliates and/or professionals.
  12. This Conference Call service is a secondary business of Blue Energy, with the primary objectives being: (1) exposing Blue Energy to prospective new Clients that require project type consulting services; and (2) the intellectual challenge and discourse of educating the Client to the proposed subject matter.
  13. If Blue Energy cannot reasonably satisfy the Call Objectives, then Blue Energy may provide a compromise offer or plan, but when committing to a CALL, the Client accepts the risk that the CALL may or may not be responsive to the CALL Objectives.